Bingo Blitz – Deconstruction

Bingo Blitz has been one of the best performing Bingo games for quite a while and I try to understand why with a deconstruction.

Core Loop

The core loop of Bingo Blitz revolves around Bingo game sessions, around which all of its other features are designed. The player plays a session of Bingo to earn stars and resources which help them unlock newer “rooms” to play Bingo.

With each newer unlocked room, the cost of entry and reward is increased and therefore the player has to spend more time in-game to experience these rooms. This is the primary core loop of Bingo Blitz.



Core Game Design

Bingo Blitz has added it’s own spice to the core game, which is 75 ball Bingo. Though the rules of bingo are pretty much the same, there are some new elements added which make it viable for a meaningful meta and event loop. Some of them being,

1. Special Number Tiles – Some of the number tiles give the player additional bonuses when they are daubed.  These bonuses include coins, treasures, XP which help the player progress in their meta by giving them additional resources.


Sometimes these tiles also give items pertaining to events and help them progress in the event loop.

2. Power Ups – Power ups are available to the player which increase their chances of calling Bingo. These power ups are routinely rewarded to the player and have been given a prominent place in the game screen so that the player is acclimatized to using power ups for as many sessions as possible.


Power ups have been categorized into various types (Uncommon, common, rare, epic) based on their usefulness and are monetized using coins.

3. Multiplayer Rooms – Unlike some games, where the lose condition is when the number of called numbers run out, the lose condition in Bingo Blitz is when the max number of Bingo calls in the room has become 0.


In a multiplayer room, all participants are competing for the chance to call 1,2,3 or 4 Bingos based on the number of cards they have.

This, coupled with added bonuses for player’s position in the room leaderboard makes for an exciting session, while simultaneously encouraging them to use more power-ups to get the upper hand, thus reinforcing the coin spending loop to acquire power ups.

4. One Bingo Call per Card – Since the lose condition of a session is based on the number  of bingo’s called, the game allows the player to call only 1 bingo per card.

Though this might seem like a disadvantage to the player, who has lost the potential to call more bingoes, it also makes card management when the player has 2-4 cards much easier.

5. Themed Rooms –  All the rooms are themed based on an event, location or activity. In a themed room, the items, ball announcements, BG music are thematized which gives a fresh look and feel to the game and contributes to longer sessions.

When a player is bored with a particular room, they can simply switch to another room and enjoy the uniqueness of that room.

6. Loss Recovery – Bingo blitz encourages players to keep at it even after a loss by  providing guaranteed shadow cards, which would help them in their progression.


Player Progression in Meta

Player progression in the game is linear, where a player has to earn enough stars from the previous room to unlock the next one. Stars are earned by collecting items that pertain to a room, these items are available as an optional drop via shadow cards and treasures in the bingo sessions. Progression in the game map can be summarized by the following loop,


As the player progresses through the rooms, the prerequisite to participate in each room increases in terms of number of items to be found and credit requirement per card. This way the game can make the player grind or spend more in the previous rooms to unlock and experience the new rooms.]


Player Engagement and Retention

The game employs several tactics to engage and retain players, some of them being

1. Daily Bonus and milestones – A daily bonus system that rewards the player for logging in daily, also additionally there is a daily free and paid wheelspin which gives the player additional chances to earn rewards.  

Milestones are basically location goals, which rewards the player for grinding all stars from a city.



2. Quest System – A quest system that rewards the player for activity within game, which further enables them to play more sessions.


3. Gift Center and Bingo Points – The gift center adds another social layer in the game, where players can ask their Facebook friends for additional credits, power up packs and spins.


Bingo points are a way for friends to help each other indirectly when they can’t send/receive gifts. Players are given Bingo points everytime one of their friends calls Bingo and the points can be redeemed for credits.

4. Playtika Reward Program – This reward program is to enable spenders to get more out of the game. More they spend, more benefits they get. This keeps the player from leaving the game by giving them more value for their total purchases even after they have spent all the benefits of the purchase.


5. Daily Tournaments – Player has to play  5 free rounds to bingo. Players compete against each other in a leader board for most coins earned in the cumulative of all the 5 rounds.


6. Pre-Session Mini-Games – Occasionally, a player might have to wait before they start a round, they are shown a mini-game of sorts where they can bet on a drop with coins or credits for a random drop.


7. Special Rooms/Events – Bingo Blitz also offers a range of special rooms/events, where players get to play and progress in a separate event loop.


These events usually have their own event items, which the player plays to earn primary and secondary event items which is in turn used to earn mega prizes. More details on Special Rooms/Events will be discussed later in this document.


Bingo Blitz has a very effective monetisation loop, and manages to monetize at several points in the game. Some of the monetisation points in the game are

Primary Monetisation Points

1. Resources – Credits and Coins are primary point of monetisation in game. They are used to play Bingo sessions and use power ups and are bought with real cash.


2. Boosts – Boosts are also monetized directly in game. Unlike Power ups, Boosts are timer-based and not used based.

They give an indirect competitive advantage to a player by giving daub alerts that an inexperienced player could possibly miss, thus making the game easier for them.

3. Premium Wheel Spins – After the free wheel spins, players can spin the premium wheel which pays out in credits. Each spin costs real cash.

4. Offer Packs – The game also offers a variety of discounted packs which is introduced at pinch points.

Secondary Monetisation Points

1. Power Ups – Power ups are a crucial part of Bingo blitz, since every session is a competitive session, they give the necessary edge to the player to get the best possible position and earn the most rewards. Power ups are purchased using coins in game.


2. Card Boosters – Card boosters increase the quality of treasures found in the number tiles, therefore giving the player better chances of earning rare power ups, more coins, credits and event items. Card boosters increase the number of credits required per card for a Bingo session.

3. Custom Daubers and Avatar Frames – Custom daubers are purchased for credits and Avatar frames are earned from the various treasures in game.

DaubersHere is a table that gives a high level of all sources and sinks of currencies in-game.

Currency Source Sink
Credits Cash Card Booster
Friend Gifts Bingo Session
Treasures Custom Daubers
Wheel Spins
Daily Bonus
Event Rewards
Coins Bingo Session Power Ups
Slots Map
Boosters Cash Bingo Session
XP Bingo Session New Rooms
Slots Session Free treasures
Free Resources


Events and their Role

Events in Bingo Blitz are of two types


  • Events with separate rooms
  • Events without separate rooms


Events have their own item and map progression, where the player plays Bingo sessions to earn primary and secondary event items.

The primary event items are used to earn an initial smaller bonus. After which, the player earns the secondary event item for the mega jackpot prize. The event loop can be simplified as follows,


These primary and secondary event items are earned by playing in the event specific rooms OR from treasures that are available from level up.

The nature of events are such that they are lucrative, time restricted and have seasonal,fantasy themes which makes great good alternatives to the regular grind.

Some events are also level restricted so that the player has invested a minimum required time in the core gameplay to access these events. These level restricted events have even more lucrative rewards and are targeted at elder/paying players.  

All the events reinforce the player to use card boosters, power ups in one way or the other by making them chase for the event items via treasures or special number tiles in-game. Thus, making them effective in engaging and monetising players if they decide to stray from the core game progression.


Alternate Progression Loops

Bingo Blitz also gives the player an alternate progression loop in the form of a Slots map. The Slots map has its own progression loop with separate rooms etc.


  • This loop ensures that the player remains in the App, even after they’re done finishing all tasks in the Bingo Map.
  • The inventory is common for both these maps, which means the player can grind and spend their currencies in either maps.


In conclusion, Bingo Blitz is a great bingo game that saw huge success by doing these things right,

1. Keeping the core game fresh with themes, power ups and special event rooms, simple, easy to remember rules.

2. Engage players during session with multiplayer gameplay, daily tournaments, mini-games.

3. Retain players with daily bonus, wheel spins, quests.

4. Add a cooperative social layer with gift centre, reward friend’s progress with bonus credits.

5. Releasing interesting and exciting seasonal events with celebrity tie-ups.

6. Offer the player other core loops so as to keep them in-game, engaging and spending.

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